Doing it Jesus way

We have different kind of relationships, just to mention a few parents-children relationship, friendship, marriage etc. It’s important to learn to coexist with each other, despite of our different interests and ideologies. Because that’s God’s intention for us as his children.

Other people are a gift to us from God. No one was created to be alone. God created us in such a way that we need and interdepend with each other.

Even for God to answer our prayers and request he uses people. Not to forget as believers, we all belong in the body of Christ, therefore it’s important to learn to live with each other despite of our differences. Mainly because it’s not about us it’s about Jesus Christ, so let’s dwell our focus on the bigger picture “the body of Christ.”

Jesus taught us to bear with one another, forgiveness and loving one another which is the greatest commandment of all. Meaning is not okay to avoid other people because of our earthly reasons. For instance we avoid people just because we don’t like them or maybe just because they did something wrong.

Yet we try so hard to justify why we avoid and judge them. Forgetting that Jesus had all the reasons to condemn, judge and avoid us . But still he chose us and loved us with his perfect love. Therefore it’s important to try and show love and forgiveness to those who have gone astray ,not forgetting that as believers and children of God it’s wrong for us to judge others , therefore we show love by guiding them back to the right path all for the body of Christ and also for God’s glory.

For any relationship to work, we need to kill our ego and pride and stop lying to ourselves that we are ok alone that we don’t need others. When in real sense we do. We should also stop seeing ourselves better than others.

Let’s not forget there are many benefits of being around others and living in harmony and unity than being alone. Even the word of God tells us two is better than one.

Only Jesus Christ, can teach us how to coexist, how to be good friends , partners or parents and also how to appreciate others, and there efforts towards us.

How you treat people says more about you than about them

Ways to maintain good relationship with others.

  • Stop focusing on others shortcomings and focus on what they do best. No one is perfect, they are not perfect neither are we.
  • Incase of a misunderstanding, solve immediately; it doesn’t matter who is wrong or who is right. This is to show your relationship is bigger than the little misunderstanding.
  • Check up on them oftenly.
  • Be straight forward and open in expressing how you feel
  • Respect each other’s boundaries and respect each others feelings no matter how small it may seem.
  • Pray for each other. This is the only way to connect our relationship with others to God.
  • Avoid tit for tats, give yourself selflessly.
  • Find a way to tell them about their shortcomings in a loving and respectfully way, BUT NEVER DISCUSS THEIR SHORTCOMINGS WITH ANYONE ELSE BUT THEM. “Especially to the “marriage” kind of relationship, you have become one if you discuss their shortcomings with just anyone, you are exposing yourself more than you are exposing your partner.”
  • Praise them, this is to mean give them compliments more often and support them in little ways we can: this shows we believe in them and we are their biggest support.

Let strive to emulate the kind of love that Jesus had for us.

Let’s do it Jesus way

I would love to hear how you are COEXISTING with those that God has placed round you. Are you doing it Jesus way or the world’s way?

Be blessed.


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