2021 Theme Isaiah 43

First I would love to wish you a happy and prosperous 2021. As I was wondering how 2021 is going to be the holy spirit led this words in my heart. “Behold IAM doing a new thing” and it kept ringing in my spirit non-stop.

Personally 2020 was amazing to me. God showed me how it was necessary for me to lean on him, because through leaning on him he broke the chains that were habouring my life since childhood. God filled me with his eternal peace. 2020 was so personal he worked on my character changed who I thought I was and showed me exactly who I was as his child. And the good news is that as I surrendered to him totally, and as he was working in me, he also worked on things around me, suddenly things were just extremely okay. May his name be praised.

So when this words “behold iam doing a new thing” kept ringing in me. I went on to check which Bible verse was it from. Then I decided to read the whole chapter and see what God was trying to tell me.

I thank God because through Isaiah 43 I was able to come up with three key points that I know will be helpful not just to me but to you too as a believer of Christ. I therefore considered it as a theme for 2021.

  • Do not be afraid.

I believe God is telling us that this year 2021 as he is doing new things in us and around us,we should not be afraid. Remember he did not give us the spirit of fear but of power, love and self control. So let’s strive to be courageous in every area of our lives, because new things may come with it’s challanges, so we are supposed to be courageous to handle the challenges that comes with new blessings.

Why we should not be afraid.

He has also promised to be on our side every step of the way. He will lead us through every season of our lives so that we come out unharmed.

Isaiah 43:2

*When we go through the water he will be with us. *When we go through the rivers of difficulty we will not drown. *When we walk through the fire of oppression we will not be burn.

  • Lean on him, for he is the one that makes everything new.

For IAM about to do something new, see I have already began, do you not see it -Isaiah 43:19

Why we should lean on him.

*So that he may bring into accomplishment every new thing he started in us. *So that he may restore everything that the enemy stole from us back to how he intended it to be. *So that we may be in alignment with his will.

There is a way that seems right to a man but the end of it is death.

This is more reason why we should lean on him and ask for his help and guidance. As we enter in the season of abundance. That he may guide and teach us to walk in the new things that he is doing in our lives and around us.Because our own thoughts and ways won’t produce his righteousness.

  • Stay in repentance

*We stay in repentance because we are only human, we are bound to make mistakes. * *So that the enemy doesn’t use guilt to move us away from God. *Because he has promised to blot away our sins and never to think of them again.

It’s my prayer that this three points will guide us through 2021. Let’s lean on him more so that we may walk in nothing but his will.

Wish you all the best

Be blessed.

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