What to do in your waiting season.

Waiting season, is that season that you have made your request known to God, and you are waiting for him to answer you, direct or guide you. Whatever the case it is.

What we do with the waiting season matters alot, and determines the outcome of everything.

This is what you need to do while you are in your waiting season.

  • Be persistent in your request to God. Luke 18:1-8
  • Listen. Spend time with God through his word and listen to his directions.
  • Keep walking in obedience. Obedience is the key for us to walk in God’s ordained blessings for us. John 15:7
  • Ask God to mould you by uprooting everything in you that is not from him. Uproot every character, every old mindset, uproot every covenant that you have made with the evil one.
  • Ask God for his wisdom on how to handle the challenges that come with the blessings.

The last two points are very important, because no matter how huge the blessing is, if you walk in your blessings with old mindset and character, the blessing won’t be useful. Infact your toxic mindset/character will lead to your own downfall.

Every blessing has a challange of some kind attached to it. And if you don’t operate from God’s wisdom then you may tend to quit on what you prayed and waited for from God.

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God bless you and supply you with the grace you need in your waiting season.

A prayer for you. Click on the link below




  1. Christine Praise says:

    Last points two points ,🙌 blessing,and in every challenge we have to put God first no matter how hard ,he is everything we need


    1. Thankiu Christine


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