Blessings in disguise.

Hello family,

We are nearing the end of 2021. When you look back,

how has everything been? What are you greatful for? And what lessons has 2021 taught you?

As for me, I am grateful for alot of things, this year has been amazing for me, all glory to God. And when I say amazing I don’t mean that I didn’t experience any set backs.

Set backs were there, and I am really grateful to God for this setbacks, because they have helped me learn to look everything with a third or spiritual eyes.

Before I dive into the setback part. I just want to thank God, for his amazing grace, salvation, the relationship that I have with him, for my family and my friends. They have been so amazing and so supportive.

I am also grateful for life and good health. This is something I never take for granted and something I never play about. And I owe it all to God.

So the reason why I’m writing today is to share with you things that I learn about setbacks this year. And how i realized that setbacks may be one of God’s love language for us as his children. Because the word says God disciplines those he loves. And one of the ways he disciplines us is through setbacks.

As we started the year I wrote something about God giving me a promise from the book of Isaiah 43, of which I will be writing how God has fulfilled that in the end of the year, next month (December).

Through out the year I have gone through a series of huge setbacks that at some point I doubted God’s promises. And that happened because I was only focused on the pain and how things were not going right.

I focused more on the setbacks instead of focusing on God in heaven the one who is sitted on the throne and all the power belongs to him.

The one who is good, who never changes, who is faithful and nothing can ever change that about him. He is still good, merciful and loving even in moments when we can’t understand, even in our darkest moments he is still good! All glory to him

But through all this series of events that has been happening to me I realized that every set back we encounter as children of God, is not just a setback but it’s a blessing in disguise.

I believe the fact that God will always use our setbacks for our own good. And I mean ALWAYS.

It’s never Gods intension to see us in pain or in tears, but if it means that the pain and tears has to happen for our own good and transformation to take place, then why not?

And the good news is that he’s always there with us even in the moments of sadness, he’s always closer than we think, and he gives us just enough grace to see us through every moment.

Theses are some of the ways of how God uses set backs to work for our own good. I believe there’s more but I will just mention what God has revealed to me through my life experience.

  • God may use setbacks just to help us quit our sinful ways so that we can go back to his presence with humility and acknowledge him as God over our life.
  • Sometimes he uses setbacks to help us gain more wisdom, as he prepares us for his blessings and the purpose he has ordained for us here on Earth.
  • He may use setbacks to help us realize the things we have been taking for granted. In the process he helps us see how we are truly blessed in the midst of it all. (Teach us gratitude).
  • Sometimes he uses the setbacks to restore everything we’ve lost that was part of his plans and intension for us.
  • And finally God may use setbacks to develop our relationship with him based on trust.

Let’s always learn to see our setback with a third or spiritual eyes. It’s okay to feel sad and be emotional when we encounter these setbacks.

But always remember to take a step back, take a deep breath, meditate on your relationship with God as you focus on him and he will fill you with his peace and reveal to you beautiful things concerning the setbacks you are experiencing.

Because Everytime we focus on our setbacks and how much we are hurting, we give the setback power over us, and in the process we miss God’s blessings or we miss to see what he’s doing in that particular moment in our life, that means we fail to learn and experience the goodness of God.

Always be Joyful and grateful in all circumstances, for that is the will of God for us.

God bless you❤️


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