Hello !

Hello my wonderful family, it’s been really long since I wrote something new. But guess what? Iam baaaaaack😊😊

The reason why I haven’t posted for some time is that I have been really busy with nursing school. And I must confess I have never been this busy since I was born.

So I just decided to take some time off social media streets to focus on my studies and exams. It was really overwhelming. And there was moments when I got really anxious and just wanted to walk away from it all. But hey, iam really grateful to God he didn’t allow it to get there.

Even though it’s been hard, it’s been a special type of hard. Why special? Because it has helped me discover me. What exactly do I mean? I mean like God used this hard and tough moments to show me exactly who i am in him. And what really happens when we partner with him in everything we do.

Knowing me, I used to be so lazy, and I always looked for a reason to quit. I never wanted to handle something challanging. But this time it was different, God renewed my strength in a way I have never seen before. Just like he promised in his word

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Isaiah 40:31

I had to unlearn what I had learned about myself before and let it go, why? Because I discovered that I thrive in stress, yes I get anxious and scared at first, but once I focus on God and talk to him, I do whatever is required of me so well and I feel so strengthened to keep going to the point where I don’t want to stop. And even though I feel weary on the outside the inner me always feels strong. And encouraged to keep moving.

I do it to the point where I sometimes forget that sleep is important too. sometimes i have to sacrifice even ‘the sleep’ in order to achieve the goal that I have set for myself at the moment. Hey! and don’t forget that I adore sleep, I treasure my sleep, and I always choose sleep over anything else. Indeed the Lord is our strength. And impossible is nothing when you have God by your side.

End of January I was put to a test, when something really bad happened to my daughter, the enemy knows that my daughter is my life and anything happening to her it will automatically destroy me, but I thank God even at that he protected my daughter from the worst that could have happened.

I was so devastated, I was so stressed out and I just wanted to quit from school and go back and stay with my daughter, because at that point all I could hear in my mind was” you are a bad mom, you only care about your dreams and ambition at the expense of your child’s safety, if you were there no harm would have come to her” but still in the midst of this voice, I heard another comforting and peaceful voice that assured me everything is going to be okay, and everything works out for good.

Yeah and I dared to challange this voice “what good can come out of my daughter being hurt?” But as days passed, and as I talked to some of my close friends and support system God used their words to comfort me, and through that I was able to forgive and let go because I realized how the enemy works, he will use just anyone (especially those who have not acknowledged him as their Lord and savior, those who are still in the world) to get to us. So I didn’t give the enemy an opportunity to plant the seed he wanted to plant within me, all glory to God. God was peace , joy and strength for my family and I in that hard moment.

But i am grateful too, through that incident I was able to make time and balance my life,so that almost every weekend, i go see my daughter, and be there for her.

I know I’m still on this journey, but I also believe that the Lord is with me in it, and he will not allow the sun to smite me by day nor the moon by night.

So family, God never fails, His love for us endures for ever, his mercies are new every morning. And when you partner with him in everything and put your trust in him he will never disappoint.

I know this seems cliche and obvious and you have heard it 1000 times, but it still amazes me how God shows his protection, love and mercies in different ways each time. He shows up in new forms and ways . Focus on him and he will blow your mind on how he does it in a unique way everytime and he will leave you amazed and filled with everlasting joy.

God shows himself to me and each time I’m like, “I thought I knew you, and all that you can do for us as your children. But here you are again! “. It’s like you can never fully learn God and say you know God well. Because , siz! he leaves me speechless all the time. .and I’m really humbled with the way he fathers his children. He is amazing! Praise his holy name!

Never forget trials will come, the fire will be there but he will make sure in the midst of it all no harm will come to us. He will be your strength when you feel weak.

And in those moments when you feel weak, and you feel like you cant do it, and you feel like you don’t have the strength to pray.

Just raise your eyes above and focus your mind on God alone, then tell him, “God i am tired and I don’t know what to do, but I trust you, I am weak but I trust that you are my strength, my faith is failing me and I don’t know how this is going to happen but I know you are my faith and my hope and at the end, your will will prevail in Jesus name, Amen”

This is what helps me when I don’t have the strength to pray.

It was fun writing to you again.

Love you, and may the peace of God be with you.


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