Did you know?

Most of the time we are afraid to show up and speak up about our relationship with God because we think we are not qualified enough or we are not holy enough to do so, and we sometimes even tend to judge those who are loud about their faith.

We forget that no one is perfect and God knows that, and whatever we are doing, we are doing not because of who we are but because of who God is. The word tells us God is loving; his love endures forever , he’s merciful and his mercies are new every morning. That when we go to him with a humble and a genuine repetant heart he’s just enough to forgive us. And he’s always ready and willing to partner and work with us, until we become that which he created us to become.

That being said, Did you know that God can still use us to mentor others as he works in us at the same time? Like we don’t need to be perfect to create a difference in someone else life.

This is because growth, change and transformation are things that dont stop taking place in our lives as long as we align ourselves with his will.

We can still share and tell our story about how we are growing in the Lord to bring change and transformation in the understanding of those who are trying to rise up and walk in the same journey of knowing and getting deeper with God

And we can do so authentically; from a place of truth and honor. From a place that will glorify God.

And this can only happen when we allow God to mould us, to create in us a pure heart, to give us a spirit of sincerity and truth, to fill our mind with his wisdom and to give us a humble spirit and rebuild the walls of our life. #psalms51

The truth is, this doesn’t happen overnight but it happens as long as we continue to seek God without ceasing. God is faithful and he will continue to show up and bring the transformation that is necessary for us to be who he intended us to be when he created us.

It’s time to stop seeing yourself as not good enough or as not qualified enough, because God has already approved you and seen you as enough,

Just as John 15: 16 says

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. 
John 15:16 NIV

So stop shrinking to fit in, and start showing up, and take position to become the best you can in this season that you are planted in. Let nothing stop you.

while you are waiting to be qualified someone else is trusting God with her less qualified version by showing up and taking position.

Do you remember the story of the three servants in our last blog?

You can read it here if you didn’t read it👇👇👇👇

God bless you❤️


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