I finally got time to write something in here. It has taken long because I’m currently busy, and I must admit sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the work I have. And it’s going to be so for 3 concecutive months.

I hope you have been fine, holding on to Jesus because he’s all we’ve got and he’s all we need.

As for me I have been holding on to him so tight, and this season has been the season of intentionality for me, being intentional with what I want in my space, being intentional with my relationship with God, just being intentional with everything, including protecting my peace of mind.

It has also been a journey for me where I chose to quit or leave it all behind, behaviors and things I have been holding on for so long despite knowing that they don’t align with God’s will for my life.

Despite the day to day challanges I have been experiencing, I refuse to let myself believe less in God, or go back to this behaviors. I still believe in his promises and his love for me, because truth be told I’m in the season where my world is crushing, and everything is falling apart, and I can’t fix anything because I don’t know how or even where to start from

Even at that I refused to allow these situations define me, I give it all to God. I am in this season where I have been asking God to work in me, to work in my endurence, my patience, my humility and my love for others. It’s called spiritual and soul growth. And it’s been a tough journey for me.

Tough why? Because there are days I have been pushed to the wall, and Im like God I don’t want it anymore, just take this pain away, i can call it complaining mode, and yes I’m guilty of that some days. And there are days I have been like yes God whatever it takes to build and mould me do it Lord. Am all in.

Why I’m I doing this? Why I’m I partnering with God for this growth? because there are things I’m praying and trusting God for in my life, there are things I’m manifesting for my life, things to do with who God created me to be, things to do with the vision God has given me for the future and for his kingdom, and trust me I don’t want any of it if I’m still holding on to the old mindset and old self.

This is simply because most of the times God has blessed me with things and opportunities in the past, my mindset ,my character and my old self caused everything to crush and crumble down. Most of the times I have been toxic to my opened doors, I have taken alot of things for granted. And this is because I lacked things like patience, endurence, wisdom and the list can go on and on.

I pray this helps you out, as you are trusting God for certain things in your life, I hope you ask your self this question,

What if this things I’m trusting God for comes now? Will I be ready to steer them in the direction that will bring glory to God?”

If yes then keep trusting God and when the time is right God will open this doors for you.

If no, then it’s time to shift your prayers, from God give me this and that to God work in me until I’m ready to be used for your kingdom.

It’s my prayer for you that you make your life intentional in everything that you do. It’s not easy, but we have to allow the holy spirit take the lead. It’s also important to push ourself by partnering with God. We cannot submit to the flesh and it’s desires…but let us be transformed through the renewal of our mind.

God bless you!


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