God is still Able.

Hey you,

Do you think God is powerless? Do you think God has no power to take away that pain, that shame, that affliction and change your situation?

Of course he has the power to change any situation within a blink of an eye? He is still able. More than able.

What then?

What will your purpose be without affliction? How will your life be used to bring glory to his name and impact your children and the next generation to trust in him?

Remember there is someone out there, who is depending on your testimony to keep pushing, they are depending on your testimony to remind them that there is hope because God is still able.

Let that affliction be your motivation to cling and lean onto him more. Let it be a proof that he is not done, because even in his silence he is still a sovereign God.

Can God trust you with that pain? Can he trust you with that affliction? The beautiful part is he gives you endurance and just enough grace to strengthen you inorder to keep moving, and when it’s all done you will be grateful that he trusted you of all the people with that affliction inorder to create impact, bring healing and as well as bring glory to his name.

When it’s all done, you will look back and say,



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