Knowing your identity as a believer of Christ.

By Effy khamusali

IDENTITY is simply Knowing who you are. As believers we should know and have confident on who we are in Christ.

Alot of us despite being believers battle with knowing our true identity as children of God. And this uncertainty causes us to doubt our selves thus leading to self-esteem issues. We therefore tend to see ourselves as not good enough and unworthy.

We are supposed to believe on who God says we are and start operating from that place of confidence of who we really are in Jesus.

Just as JEREMIAH 1:5 Says that before we were formed in our mothers womb he knew us, before we were born he set us apart and appointed us.

Ephesians 2:10 we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto goodworks which God has ordained that we should walk in them

We are his handiwork created through his son Jesus Christ unto good works, that's how great we are, God took his time to make us through his son for only good works.

This only means that we are Soo special, for God even to know us and apoint us and set us apart before we were born, he must have a great purpose and calling for us.

It’s high time we start seeing ourselves the way he sees us. Let’s walk in confidence like who we really are. Let’s stay connected with him to show us the purpose we were created for so that we may serve from a place of confidence and courage.

And not to forget he send his only son to die for our sins so that we may receive salvation and have a relationship with us. This also means he LOVES us alot no matter what we will always be his, we are already loved with a special kind of love (he traded his son’s life for our salvation)

Hey let’s quit doubting ourselves, let’s quit waiting for approval from people, let’s quit waiting to be loved by people. God has already done all that for us through his son Jesus Christ.

Let’s stop running away from what God has put in our heart because we have diminished ourselves and what we can do. We have all it takes because God already chose us and gave us the power to do what he has called us to. Remember where he sends he provides. Let’s Have confidence, we are exactly who God says we are.

And as we have confidence in our identity as his beloved and chosen ones let’s also remember to stay connected with him through prayers and we shall receive breakthrough in different areas of our lives.

God bless you