Here is Necessary

Yes it is! Every season and moment we find ourselves in, is never a waste, it’s all necessary to get us where we are destined to be.. whether it’s a bad or a good season. It’s all important.

I know sometimes here, may be messy, here may feel painful and unfair, and even feel confused because we don’t know what to do or where to start. Neither don’t we know how we going to get over our pain and our disappointment or when we we are going to be cured of our illness. But we are here now.

So the best thing you can do here is to embrace it and trust God. When you feel you don’t like it here, maybe because of what you are going through. This is the time you need to draw more close to God than ever before, it’s NOT a time to feel sorry for your self and drown in self pity.

Because what you do with your here matters alot, and it will determine how you are going to rise up and get there; Where you have been ordained and destined to be, because as children of God we are destined/ordained/called for greater purpose, and that purpose will be revealed to us when we deny our self and dedicate our life in serving, honoring and partnering with God while we live a life of total surrender.

So instead of dwelling in self pity it’s time to draw more close to God, spend more time with him, read his word, meditate on it and pray, while you pray remember to thank him for here and ask for his wisdom to help you embrace and learn the lessons that are necessary in this season that you are in “here”. As you prepare and trust him for there; that is the next beautiful season of your life. And trust me you will need the here lessons when you are there.

Quit focusing more on the pain, because that’s what the enemy wants, for you to see reasons or find reasons to feel abandoned, alone and unloved, but we all know that’s a lie, just because we are going through a bad season doesn’t mean God has changed and doesn’t love us any more, God only allows what’s necessary for us as he prepares and mould us to be who he created us to be.

While you are here remember to always focus on God more and who he is. That he loves us, and nothing can change that. That he is so intentional with everything and our pain is not in vain.

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in in the morning.

Psalms 30: 5

God bless you and give you strength as you embrace your here while you trust him for his greatness. Amen



Years later after i had graduated from high school in 2010, i found myself living in my shadows, my life had become one big mess, one big lie. it was not the life i had envisioned for myself. i had a very promising future and i had all opportunities presented to me in a plate of gold.

But rather i chose to chase the world and its pleasures , and for a long time i forgot who i am and where i came from, my desires at that moment were unrealistic. I wanted to reap where i had not sow, i did not have any mentor neither did i have anyone to look up to since i came from a family where no one had made it in life.

My mother had a lot of dreams for me. Immediately after i completed my high school she wanted me to be a nurse, i was accepted in one of the nursing school but i rejected the offer, i was stupid and naive, i was only 16 years old and i remember telling my mom i can not put on a uniform again for another three years and i did not want that nursing school because it was too remote for me.

I wanted some exposure. I wanted to be in the city and study in the city. I wanted to be away from my mother who was too overprotective of me. So that landed me to some university where i was accepted to do a course in Business Management and Information Technology. Everything started on well until peer pressure kicked in. Where i wanted to be like other students party like them, dress like them and have boyfriends who catered for my needs like them.

I was stupid and naive, i started drinking and smoking and few month later i dropped out of college. I lived a lie for a long period of time. I was ashamed of myself, my mother was dissapointed with me.

I tried to get jobs, i found good ones but i could not keep them because i was just too lazy and still stupid and maybe i had not learnt my lessons yet. I was so confused, and i do not think i knew what i wanted in life. I was so empty and this went on for a long period of time. I was unstable in everything and i was there for long.

One and half years after i had had my daughter, i had a moment with myself. I reflected on my life and my choices, i remember at that moment i was tired of feeling the way i was, i just wanted a clean page to start allover again, i was so disappointed with myself and i knew i had to do something to change the course of my life. Although i did not know what exactly to do, i wanted a better life for me and my daughter, i wanted to get done with all generational curses and spirits. I did not want any of it transmitted to my daughter. I did not know how but one thing i knew is that for all this to happen i needed God. I needed to partner with God to become exactly who he intended me to be.

i knew god loves me and i knew he wants the best for me, so i gave up what i thoght i wanted for me and i asked him for his will to prevail.

i remember that night i cried my heart out in repentance as i surrendered all that i am to him, i needed healing, i needed love, i needed forgiveness and most important i needed a fresh start.

After that night i shifted my focus from me and i focused more on God, more on who he is and on what he can do, i developed a habit of spending time with him through reading and meditating on his word. I praised and worshipped him, and family, i saw God in every moment of my life. He was there fathering me, correcting me, loving me, revealing himself and hidden things to me. I saw God even in little things that i did not expect to see him in, indeed he is faithful, and he meant it when he said:

call unto me and i will show you great and hidden things that you do not know

Jeremiah 33.3

draw near to God and he will draw near to you.


Months later, GOD answered my prayers by giving me a fresh start, and i found myself again in nursing school. Everything happened so fast, before i knew it i was in nursing school. I am grateful to God because he opened a door that requires me to partner with him every day to walk through it. what do i mean? I mean i cant do this alone, its really hard. It needs a lot of dedication and commitment, not forgetting that i am a mother and i live miles away from my daughter, so everyday is a struggle for me. But God has been faithful up to this moment.

Everyday God shows up for me, he renews my strength and even though i wake up to new challenges every morning, God sees me through it all. He uses the challenges to help me grow in a beautiful way. In a way that he has ordained me to, he also uses the challenges to help me realize how resilience i am in him. Just as i said in my previous blog :

through all this i realize i am nothing without God, but with God by myside i am everything beautiful, fearful and wonderful. As i always say everything God created is good and his intentions for us are good. But sometimes what we have gone through and how we have been raised and the environment that we have been raised in tries so hard to interfere with who God intended us to be. But when we partner with him he is able to turn things around, it does not matter how much damage the world has caused us. He is able to transform, heal and give us his peace. Even here where we are, where we thought/think nothing good can come out of it, he can still cause us to flourish HERE.

Good bye and God bless you, i pray you get inspired with my story, it does not matter where you are, what you have taken for granted, what you used to be, how old you are or how bad you have messed up. God can still use all that for your good, GOD CAN STILL GIVE YOU A FRESH START. You only have to choose him and give him a chance today. Remember no sin is too big for God to forgive. And there is nothing like late with him. He makes everything beautiful at his own time.

Hello !

Hello my wonderful family, it’s been really long since I wrote something new. But guess what? Iam baaaaaack😊😊

The reason why I haven’t posted for some time is that I have been really busy with nursing school. And I must confess I have never been this busy since I was born.

So I just decided to take some time off social media streets to focus on my studies and exams. It was really overwhelming. And there was moments when I got really anxious and just wanted to walk away from it all. But hey, iam really grateful to God he didn’t allow it to get there.

Even though it’s been hard, it’s been a special type of hard. Why special? Because it has helped me discover me. What exactly do I mean? I mean like God used this hard and tough moments to show me exactly who i am in him. And what really happens when we partner with him in everything we do.

Knowing me, I used to be so lazy, and I always looked for a reason to quit. I never wanted to handle something challanging. But this time it was different, God renewed my strength in a way I have never seen before. Just like he promised in his word

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Isaiah 40:31

I had to unlearn what I had learned about myself before and let it go, why? Because I discovered that I thrive in stress, yes I get anxious and scared at first, but once I focus on God and talk to him, I do whatever is required of me so well and I feel so strengthened to keep going to the point where I don’t want to stop. And even though I feel weary on the outside the inner me always feels strong. And encouraged to keep moving.

I do it to the point where I sometimes forget that sleep is important too. sometimes i have to sacrifice even ‘the sleep’ in order to achieve the goal that I have set for myself at the moment. Hey! and don’t forget that I adore sleep, I treasure my sleep, and I always choose sleep over anything else. Indeed the Lord is our strength. And impossible is nothing when you have God by your side.

End of January I was put to a test, when something really bad happened to my daughter, the enemy knows that my daughter is my life and anything happening to her it will automatically destroy me, but I thank God even at that he protected my daughter from the worst that could have happened.

I was so devastated, I was so stressed out and I just wanted to quit from school and go back and stay with my daughter, because at that point all I could hear in my mind was” you are a bad mom, you only care about your dreams and ambition at the expense of your child’s safety, if you were there no harm would have come to her” but still in the midst of this voice, I heard another comforting and peaceful voice that assured me everything is going to be okay, and everything works out for good.

Yeah and I dared to challange this voice “what good can come out of my daughter being hurt?” But as days passed, and as I talked to some of my close friends and support system God used their words to comfort me, and through that I was able to forgive and let go because I realized how the enemy works, he will use just anyone (especially those who have not acknowledged him as their Lord and savior, those who are still in the world) to get to us. So I didn’t give the enemy an opportunity to plant the seed he wanted to plant within me, all glory to God. God was peace , joy and strength for my family and I in that hard moment.

But i am grateful too, through that incident I was able to make time and balance my life,so that almost every weekend, i go see my daughter, and be there for her.

I know I’m still on this journey, but I also believe that the Lord is with me in it, and he will not allow the sun to smite me by day nor the moon by night.

So family, God never fails, His love for us endures for ever, his mercies are new every morning. And when you partner with him in everything and put your trust in him he will never disappoint.

I know this seems cliche and obvious and you have heard it 1000 times, but it still amazes me how God shows his protection, love and mercies in different ways each time. He shows up in new forms and ways . Focus on him and he will blow your mind on how he does it in a unique way everytime and he will leave you amazed and filled with everlasting joy.

God shows himself to me and each time I’m like, “I thought I knew you, and all that you can do for us as your children. But here you are again! “. It’s like you can never fully learn God and say you know God well. Because , siz! he leaves me speechless all the time. .and I’m really humbled with the way he fathers his children. He is amazing! Praise his holy name!

Never forget trials will come, the fire will be there but he will make sure in the midst of it all no harm will come to us. He will be your strength when you feel weak.

And in those moments when you feel weak, and you feel like you cant do it, and you feel like you don’t have the strength to pray.

Just raise your eyes above and focus your mind on God alone, then tell him, “God i am tired and I don’t know what to do, but I trust you, I am weak but I trust that you are my strength, my faith is failing me and I don’t know how this is going to happen but I know you are my faith and my hope and at the end, your will will prevail in Jesus name, Amen”

This is what helps me when I don’t have the strength to pray.

It was fun writing to you again.

Love you, and may the peace of God be with you.

Blessings in disguise.

Hello family,

We are nearing the end of 2021. When you look back,

how has everything been? What are you greatful for? And what lessons has 2021 taught you?

As for me, I am grateful for alot of things, this year has been amazing for me, all glory to God. And when I say amazing I don’t mean that I didn’t experience any set backs.

Set backs were there, and I am really grateful to God for this setbacks, because they have helped me learn to look everything with a third or spiritual eyes.

Before I dive into the setback part. I just want to thank God, for his amazing grace, salvation, the relationship that I have with him, for my family and my friends. They have been so amazing and so supportive.

I am also grateful for life and good health. This is something I never take for granted and something I never play about. And I owe it all to God.

So the reason why I’m writing today is to share with you things that I learn about setbacks this year. And how i realized that setbacks may be one of God’s love language for us as his children. Because the word says God disciplines those he loves. And one of the ways he disciplines us is through setbacks.

As we started the year I wrote something about God giving me a promise from the book of Isaiah 43, of which I will be writing how God has fulfilled that in the end of the year, next month (December).

Through out the year I have gone through a series of huge setbacks that at some point I doubted God’s promises. And that happened because I was only focused on the pain and how things were not going right.

I focused more on the setbacks instead of focusing on God in heaven the one who is sitted on the throne and all the power belongs to him.

The one who is good, who never changes, who is faithful and nothing can ever change that about him. He is still good, merciful and loving even in moments when we can’t understand, even in our darkest moments he is still good! All glory to him

But through all this series of events that has been happening to me I realized that every set back we encounter as children of God, is not just a setback but it’s a blessing in disguise.

I believe the fact that God will always use our setbacks for our own good. And I mean ALWAYS.

It’s never Gods intension to see us in pain or in tears, but if it means that the pain and tears has to happen for our own good and transformation to take place, then why not?

And the good news is that he’s always there with us even in the moments of sadness, he’s always closer than we think, and he gives us just enough grace to see us through every moment.

Theses are some of the ways of how God uses set backs to work for our own good. I believe there’s more but I will just mention what God has revealed to me through my life experience.

  • God may use setbacks just to help us quit our sinful ways so that we can go back to his presence with humility and acknowledge him as God over our life.
  • Sometimes he uses setbacks to help us gain more wisdom, as he prepares us for his blessings and the purpose he has ordained for us here on Earth.
  • He may use setbacks to help us realize the things we have been taking for granted. In the process he helps us see how we are truly blessed in the midst of it all. (Teach us gratitude).
  • Sometimes he uses the setbacks to restore everything we’ve lost that was part of his plans and intension for us.
  • And finally God may use setbacks to develop our relationship with him based on trust.

Let’s always learn to see our setback with a third or spiritual eyes. It’s okay to feel sad and be emotional when we encounter these setbacks.

But always remember to take a step back, take a deep breath, meditate on your relationship with God as you focus on him and he will fill you with his peace and reveal to you beautiful things concerning the setbacks you are experiencing.

Because Everytime we focus on our setbacks and how much we are hurting, we give the setback power over us, and in the process we miss God’s blessings or we miss to see what he’s doing in that particular moment in our life, that means we fail to learn and experience the goodness of God.

Always be Joyful and grateful in all circumstances, for that is the will of God for us.

God bless you❤️

Just a Reminder.

Sometimes life happens, and as it happens, it comes with it’s sets of challenges.

And in our humanly nature we find our selves focusing much on this challenges. In the process, it robs us of our joy and peace.

So as much as it may sound cliche, our only option is to trust God. Trusting God doesn’t mean that we won’t find the feelings of worrying sneaking in our system.

Trusting God means when we feel like worrying we:

  • Choose to trust God instead
  • And remind ourselves that we can’t do anything about that challange at the moment. But we are believing and trusting that God is working everything out for our own good.

It’s only called a challenge because there is nothing within our power that we can do to resolve the situation at the moment.

So if this is true, why worry about it?

Because at the end of it all things will turn out only how God allows them to, and at his perfect time.

God is working behind the scenes making sure that at the end of it all he will use the set back to work in our life in a way that will bring glory and honor to him.

So why not trust him and let him handle whatever it is?

Meanwhile, in this moment we have to remind ourselves of the opened Doors in our life, we have to remind our selves of the tasks that God has entrusted us with, we have to look where we are in our journey,

because we are there for a reason and God has given us enough grace to handle anything related to where we are in our journey.

Why do we need to remind ourselves of this? It’s just so that we can honor God through where we are, and through whatever he has entrusted us with. No matter how little it may seem at the moment.

So instead of us focusing so much on what we can’t control, let’s focus and do our best in what we can. So that when this time is gone, we won’t have to look back and wish we could have done more.

That is when we look back we will have no regrets instead we will look back with a huge smile and satisfied spirit.

This means serving him with our all and making sure all glory goes to him.

Whatever it is, maybe it’s the people around us, how we treat them, or our school work, or Parenthood or maybe we are leaders, how are we leading so that God will get the glory through that?

So, whatever challange we are facing, no challange is too big for God, trust him and be patient

Let’s appreciate where we are in our journey by giving our best.

Serve God by extending his love and kindness for us to others as well ,by serving them too and treating them right just as we are called to.

And our God full of Mercy will fill us with his peace as we await for things to resolve and workout.


God bless you

Give God back his place

When you try to fix things by your self and figure things out on your own, it means that you don’t trust God enough to lead and guide you.

The bad news is that, when we take God’s place, and try to fix things on our own, it becomes emotionally draining, it rob’s us of our joy, it blinds us from seeing how truly blessed we are, especially in moments when things are not going the way we want them to go.

when we give our mess, brokenness, lack, need and etc to God and totally surrender to him, we acknowledge that we trust his will and his plans for our lives, and we admit that without him we can’t do anything.

The best part is that when we surrender all our pieces to him, he in return gives us peace and joy as we await for his timing, and at the end of it all, things are bound to turn out for our own good.

Are you feeling tired? Are u feeling like things are not going the way you want them to go? It’s time to stop fixing things and give it to God.

He’s faithful

He will make sure everything works out for your good, and he will align you with his will and place you exactly where he wants you to be.


Wait on the Lord

Now that you have gotten the courage to start, I pray that you keep your hope alive and fix your eyes on God.  So that he may help you through the process to the end of it all.

Because most of the time the process is always tough and ugly. You may encounter forces that may make you want to quit, make u want you to give up and go back to your comfort zone.

But those that wait upon the Lord, he shall renew their strength.

Keep pushing

Keep trusting

Keep believing in yourself and your capabilities.

You’ve got this

I love you, so does God!

Lessons from Nehemiah

I was supposed to finish reading the book of Nehemiah on 10th this month. But I ran behind schedule due to alot of things that came up that I’m currently working on.

The good news is that I didn’t give up, I was able to finish what I started. And I must confess I’m really proud of myself.

I used to be the kind of woman that loved to leave things pending. Like I start something and I leave it on the way. I commit to something and I don’t see it through the end.

And I have been working on that area of my life. And I thank God for his grace, because your girl has changed alot. She makes sure she accomplishes everything she starts no matter how small it is.

These are some of the lessons I was able to learn from Nehemiah, from chapter 1 to 13.

  • Always ask God for direction through prayers before partaking any task.
  • Invest time is assessing your plans, make sure you understand it before jumping right into it or before implementation.
  • When we seek God and surrender our plans to him. God will establish it.
  • Just because God’s favour is upon your vision/ plans doesn’t mean you will not experience challenges.
  • In the midst of challenges let your focus remain in God alone as you keep working on your plans.
  • Quit listening to the discouraging voices, focus on seeking God and finding solutions in the midst of challenges.
  • Starve your distraction and focus on your vision.
  • Do everything in reverence for God. Always choose what is fair and right no matter what. And the Lord’s favour will always be with you.
  • Sometimes the enemy gets intimidated by what God is doing in your life or through you. He therefore plans ways to attack you.
  • Always stand firm and ask God for wisdom on how to handle the attacks.
  • Partnering with God will help you triumph over the threats of the enemy.
  • Just because a deal seems too good and favourable, doesn’t mean it’s from God or doesn’t mean it’s really good for you and your vision.
  • Your community of friends should be composed of people with integrity, and those that fears the Lord. Those are the ones you should put around your vision.
  • Who you choose to walk with in your vision matters.
  • The joy of the Lord should be your strength.
  • After God has helped you accomplish your plans/ goals, always remember to give a sacrifice of thanksgiving and celebrate God’s faithfulness.
  • God’s faithfulness should bring you more close to him through faith.
  • Always remember to keep the covenant you made with God.

I hope you find this useful as you apply it on your day to day life.

But I will encourage you to take time and read it by yourself. The holy Spirit may reveal some lessons to you that are not in mine.

It’s always good to read the word by yourself and not to depend on others interpretation. Because God yearns to also connect with you and speak to you through his word..

Goodbye and God bless you.

What to do in your waiting season.

Waiting season, is that season that you have made your request known to God, and you are waiting for him to answer you, direct or guide you. Whatever the case it is.

What we do with the waiting season matters alot, and determines the outcome of everything.

This is what you need to do while you are in your waiting season.

  • Be persistent in your request to God. Luke 18:1-8
  • Listen. Spend time with God through his word and listen to his directions.
  • Keep walking in obedience. Obedience is the key for us to walk in God’s ordained blessings for us. John 15:7
  • Ask God to mould you by uprooting everything in you that is not from him. Uproot every character, every old mindset, uproot every covenant that you have made with the evil one.
  • Ask God for his wisdom on how to handle the challenges that come with the blessings.

The last two points are very important, because no matter how huge the blessing is, if you walk in your blessings with old mindset and character, the blessing won’t be useful. Infact your toxic mindset/character will lead to your own downfall.

Every blessing has a challange of some kind attached to it. And if you don’t operate from God’s wisdom then you may tend to quit on what you prayed and waited for from God.

You can also listen to my podcast when you are in your waiting season do what waiters do, SERVE click the button below 👇

God bless you and supply you with the grace you need in your waiting season.

A prayer for you. Click on the link below


Psalms 100

In the book of Psalms 100, we only have 5 verses.

Shout for joy to the Lord , all the earth.  Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.  Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his ; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.  Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.  For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.
Psalms 100:1‭-‬5 NIV

In verse 3 “know that the Lord is God. it is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pastures.

In this verse we see the provision of God for us, as his people/ children. Therefore, there is no need to worry, because he has already provided for us. Our needs are already sorted, and sometimes he gives us overflow but other times he releases what we need at the right or exact time. And he gives us just enough.

Just as it says in verse 3 we are the sheep of his pasture. Meaning he already have something for us (pasture) and as his sheep we are entitled to the pasture.

Meaning we belong to him, whatever is his, is ours too. We are his heirs.

Isn’t that so beautiful?

Verse 5 For the Lord is good and his love endures forever, his faithfulness continues through all generations.

What a beautiful thing to be God’s person. His goodness, his love and his faithfulness for us is something else. Something that we should cling on forever.

Therefore family, he deserves our worship, praise and thanksgiving. With shouts of joy.

All glory to God!