Give God back his place

When you try to fix things by your self and figure things out on your own, it means that you don’t trust God enough to lead and guide you.

The bad news is that, when we take God’s place, and try to fix things on our own, it becomes emotionally draining, it rob’s us of our joy, it blinds us from seeing how truly blessed we are, especially in moments when things are not going the way we want them to go.

when we give our mess, brokenness, lack, need and etc to God and totally surrender to him, we acknowledge that we trust his will and his plans for our lives, and we admit that without him we can’t do anything.

The best part is that when we surrender all our pieces to him, he in return gives us peace and joy as we await for his timing, and at the end of it all, things are bound to turn out for our own good.

Are you feeling tired? Are u feeling like things are not going the way you want them to go? It’s time to stop fixing things and give it to God.

He’s faithful

He will make sure everything works out for your good, and he will align you with his will and place you exactly where he wants you to be.



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