Just a Reminder.

Sometimes life happens, and as it happens, it comes with it’s sets of challenges.

And in our humanly nature we find our selves focusing much on this challenges. In the process, it robs us of our joy and peace.

So as much as it may sound cliche, our only option is to trust God. Trusting God doesn’t mean that we won’t find the feelings of worrying sneaking in our system.

Trusting God means when we feel like worrying we:

  • Choose to trust God instead
  • And remind ourselves that we can’t do anything about that challange at the moment. But we are believing and trusting that God is working everything out for our own good.

It’s only called a challenge because there is nothing within our power that we can do to resolve the situation at the moment.

So if this is true, why worry about it?

Because at the end of it all things will turn out only how God allows them to, and at his perfect time.

God is working behind the scenes making sure that at the end of it all he will use the set back to work in our life in a way that will bring glory and honor to him.

So why not trust him and let him handle whatever it is?

Meanwhile, in this moment we have to remind ourselves of the opened Doors in our life, we have to remind our selves of the tasks that God has entrusted us with, we have to look where we are in our journey,

because we are there for a reason and God has given us enough grace to handle anything related to where we are in our journey.

Why do we need to remind ourselves of this? It’s just so that we can honor God through where we are, and through whatever he has entrusted us with. No matter how little it may seem at the moment.

So instead of us focusing so much on what we can’t control, let’s focus and do our best in what we can. So that when this time is gone, we won’t have to look back and wish we could have done more.

That is when we look back we will have no regrets instead we will look back with a huge smile and satisfied spirit.

This means serving him with our all and making sure all glory goes to him.

Whatever it is, maybe it’s the people around us, how we treat them, or our school work, or Parenthood or maybe we are leaders, how are we leading so that God will get the glory through that?

So, whatever challange we are facing, no challange is too big for God, trust him and be patient

Let’s appreciate where we are in our journey by giving our best.

Serve God by extending his love and kindness for us to others as well ,by serving them too and treating them right just as we are called to.

And our God full of Mercy will fill us with his peace as we await for things to resolve and workout.


God bless you


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