God is for you and not against you.

Hey Family! How are you? As for me I’m doing better and better each day. That doesn’t mean I’m not experiencing tests here and there, i am!

But throughout my spiritual journey since 2020, I have learnt to totally trust in God. So nothing bothers me anymore. Not to boast, but just to boast in the Lord, because of who he is, his love, his goodness, his intentions and his perfect plan for us.

So in February, as I was sitting for my exams, the holy spirit revealed something really beautiful to me.

Yes, because most of the times, I surrender my will to God and allow the holyspirit be in control, while I take the passenger seat. This has helped me alot to be in alignment and also be alert so as to hear from God when he’s speaking to me in different or through different ways.

I was able to realise how easy it is to say, “God get the glory out of my life, wherever you take me I will go as long as you get the glory.”

Then when things doesn’t go our way we get frustrated and start thinking that God is distant or God doesn’t care. We tend to forget who God really is, because we are thinking from a place of frustration which tend to block us from the truth about who God is.

How did I come up with this?

So it was on a Monday evening, I had just finished my first two papers. As usual I always come home, take a shower then sleep for around 3 hours before I wake up to study for my following day papers. That has always been my routine whether I have an exam or not. Because If I don’t get that three hour sleep I won’t be productive.

That evening I took my shower as usual, jumped into my bed. For some reason I could not sleep. I tried for one whole hour, there was no sign of sleep near my eyes or brain. Which was unlike me, because I usually sleep in the first 15 minutes after entering my bed.

I got really frustrated because I didn’t know how I was going to manage studying for two papers, bearing in mind I had not rested. I started complaining, while pleading with God to just give me even 30 minutes sleep because I needed it, bearing in mind I was really exhausted, but to no avail.

I had to force my mind to study that night regardless. Well by the special grace of God, I managed to study for four hours with a thirty minute break in between. You can’t even imagine what happened after that?

Immediately I went to bed, because I was super exhausted, there was a blackout the whole of that night till midday the following day.

Here I thought God was interrupting my plans and my routines. I got upset and frustrated. But God was interrupting my plans for me and not against me. You can Imagine how grateful I was to God for keeping me from sleeping when I wanted to. I gave him praise and thanked him.

Most of the time, we forget that our God is a good God no matter what. Even when things seem to go upside down, he is still a good God who loves us and has good plans for us, even when what we are going through at the moment seem to contradict . He’s a God who sees things that we cannot see, he knows the end before the beginning.

Let’s learn to trust and praise him even in our moments of uncertainty. Let’s learn to trust his leadership over our lives, even when we don’t understand what he’s doing.

So, whenever you find yourself feeling frustrated because things are not going the way you expected them to go, I want you to take a deep breath, try to stay calm and focus on the goodness of God. Remind yourself that he is for you and not against you, even when your current circumstance says other wise.

I hope this blesses you. Love you!


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