Hey you!

So I want to share with you a little story, on how God revealed something beautiful to me last weekend when I was in the salon.

Recently I have been contemplating between keeping my hair and cutting it down, reason being maintaining my hair was expensive for me, in terms of time, because after every two weeks I had to change my hair style. And with my schedule right now I can’t afford to go to the salon and spent a whole 4 hours there. Like those four hours are so precious to me in the season that iam in.

So a friend of mine suggested that I do dreadlocks, I don’t know whether to call it “man made or temporary dread locks” where by you don’t let it lock, after a period of time you get it out and redo it again, so that I don’t end up missing my long hair in the long run.

My other colleague referred to me someone who was an expert in it, and from how she had done hers, it was so neat and perfect, so I went and did mine too to the same person, because I had seen the evidence of her work on my colleague’s head and the styling too was perfect, for our kind of profession or should I say career.

While this lady was doing my hair, I didn’t trust the process, at the back of my mind I knew she knew what she was doing because she was an expert, and I had seen some few examples of what she had done. But I doubted for a second if she really new what she was doing, because I thought she was supposed to start applying the wax while rotating it immediately , but that was not the case because waxing came in later. And not forgetting, the first part of making this dreadlocks really looked messy that I really doubted despite knowing the truth. The truth of the fact that she knew what she was doing.

Deep down I was battling inside my heart whether to ask her about the wax thing or not.

Then in the midst of my battle I heard a voice in the back of my mind saying, “Effy you have to trust the process, she knows what she’s doing” “you have to trust her, because she’s been doing this and this is not her first time.” And immediately I remembered how she did my friends hair, so I stayed calm, and went with the flow.

So immediately I started smiling because my spirit was open and I started to think, is this not what we do all the time with God? We were created by God, he knows us, he knows our destiny, he is the Potter, and he is in the business of preparing us so that his purpose in our lives will be accomplished in a perfect way that will bring glory to him.

Or even sometimes God shows or gives us a promise, he gives us a clear vision of how the end is going to be, but most of the time he doesn’t show us how we are going to get there, he leaves that to be a mystery so that we can develop a trusting relationship with him.

In between, there will be alot of twist and turns, pain, joy, failure, our spirit will be down cast, and sometimes we will get to a point where we question the promises of God over our lives, sometime we develop doubt, and even think to ourself does God really know what he’s doing?

And other times we will want to rush things and manipulate it so that we may get where God showed us.

We forget that God is faithful. God has never broken a promise, we have seen it since he created the world of how faithful he is, he is a promise keeper, we have also seen his faithfulness around us, it may be in our friends lives or even our family members, his faithfulness is so evident. And yet when things get messy, during our twist and turns we doubt him.

Just like I did at some point in the salon, despite seeing the salonist work I still had doubt in my heart , when she was in the process of making the dreadlocks.

Just because the process is painful, messy and lonely, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t know what he is doing, doesn’t mean that God has forgotten his promises. Those painful moments, are ways of God making sure that everything turns out in a way that only he, will receive the glory, in a way that will encourage and inspire someone else going through the same to trust in God.

Just as its said before gold becomes Gold it has to go through the fire.”

This painful and messy road to your promise is only God preparing you to what is ahead of you, God doesn’t want you to get there weak, he wants to make sure you get there strong enough to handle everything that comes with your blessings.

I don’t know what God promised you, it may look different from what you are experiencing right now, but I want you to trust your potter, believe that he knows what he’s doing, believe that he will never allow you to fall apart in the process of moulding you, as long as you keep holding on to him, he will make sure everything works out for the best.

Can you imagine the excitement I had when the salonist finished styling my dreadlocks and I saw how beautiful it was, it was soo beautiful that I didn’t remember how bad it looked when she started, and right there I trusted her enough ,to the point where I told myself I will always come to her for repair.

It’s the same thing with God, when it’s all done, we will be so excited praising his name that we forgot how painful the process was and we will learn to trust him more.

I pray this encourages you to trust in God more even when things don’t add up in our life. It’s very important to exercise patience endurance and trust, I know sometimes we get impatient and we want the easy way out, we want shortcuts and to manipulate things to work in our favour.

But don’t forget Genesis chapter 25 to 27 onwards when God promised Rebecca about his smaller son becoming great and his big son serving the smaller one Jacob.

But when it came time for Isaac to bless Esau,Rebecca manipulated her way into letting Jacob receive Esau’s blessings. When all she had to do was to trust that God will fullfil his words in his own way at his own time. Even though Jacob received the blessings, there was a lot of consequences that followed him there after.

For instance when he was looking for a wife, he worked for seven years and he was brought the wrong wife, so he had to work for more 7 years to get the wife he loved. We can go on and on on how his one lie of manipulating things and lying to his father affected his life.

I don’t know about you, but as for me I will hang in there, I will choose to trust and wait upon the Lord, even when my faith is failing me, when things gets tough I will still choose to hold on to his promises. Because I believe I serve a God who makes everything beautiful at his perfect time.

And since its all about God and the kingdoms business, I will choose to wait on God so that my story will be a reason why someone somewhere trust that God will pull through for them as they did for me.

What about you? You can leave a comment below.

Love you! ❤


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